What Trees to Warm Up Winter Landscapes?

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Landscapes during winter season could appear less than joyful the moment colorful autumn leaves starts to fall and cheery perennials start their nap all throughout the season. However, you can incorporate something interesting to your winter landscaping with shrubs and trees that can give berries, texture, height, and color throughout the freezing seasons. Aside from their appealing features, winter trees can boost the value of the property and offer shelter and food for local wildlife as well. Here are some of the trees you can consider that are ideal to the incoming Christmas season: 



With its bright red berries and green leaves, it is no doubt why holiday decors factories utilize the image of holly. As the holly berries are pleasing to see during winter, holly trees can incorporate whole year attention to winter landscapes.  You can select from various shades of green and shapes.  

Before you plant holly trees, make sure to do some research such as their maintenance requirements and mature size. Plant both female and male varieties to guarantee that they will yield the reddest winter berries among all. 

Ilex decidua (Possum-haw Holly) 

This is another type of holly, which is a female plant. Possum-haw holly produces yellow, orange, or red berries that can aesthetically highlight winter and fall landscapes. This holly variant is flexible to any soil types and conditions. Also, it can develop in places that acquire shade to extreme sunlight. 

Birch tree 

The birch tree’s delicate foliage and unique bark make one a valued addition that you can consider in your winter landscape. Various types of this tree have unique bark forms and colorations. If you want to achieve having an orange, tan, or cream bark, then plant a river birch. If you prefer white bark, then plant a white birch tree. You can maintain the health of these trees by planting it in an area where it will get full sun and moist soil. Birch trees can live for 40 up to 50 years if it’s planted in the perfect location added with the right care.  

Japanese Maple 

This tree can definitely incorporate additional beauty to any winter and fall landscapes. Japanese maple is a small tree that stuffs a massive punch with its vibrant foliage in hues of white, pink, gold, orange, and crimson and its beautiful features that’s similar to architecture. For a standout look, select Japanese maple types that have lacy leaves and cascading branches. 

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